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Julianadorp  Julianadorp

JulianadorpJulianadorp is a village in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is part of the municipality of Den Helder, and lies about 6 km south of Den Helder and 80 km from the capitol of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. To the south Julianadorp borders on the municipality of Zijpe, to the east it borders on the municipality of Anna Paulowna.

The village has about 13.000 inhabitants. During the summer the tourists take care of another 900.000 overnight stays each year.
Here you can find statistics relating to Julianadorp.

Julianadorp is a popular spa resort which attracts many tourists, helped by the fact that it is close to the sea and it has several recreatieparks. These recreatieparks are close to the sea, dunes and beaches and is often referred to as Julianadorp on Sea.

Juliana Julianadorp was founded in 1909 by mr P. Loopuyt. That year a small church was built in the Loopuyt hamlet which turned it into a real village.
On April 30, 1909 Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands was born and in October 1909 Queen Wilhelmina received the request to permit the village to carry the name Julianadorp.
Within 14 days mr P. Loopuyt, the applicant, received the permit to give Julianadorp its name.
In 2009 Julianadorp celebrated its centenary.

The economy of the village, the center of the Koegras polder, was mainly carried by cattle-and sheep farms which in some cases also grew grains which made them mixed farms. In 1927/28 the first flower bulb growers arrived from Haarlem and Lisse. Even now there are many commuters. And so an ever growing village arose. With the development since 1970 of the districts Middelzand, Vogelzand, Kruiszwin, Wierbalg, Doorzwin, Malzwin, Boterzwin en Zwanenbalg Julianadorp had seen an enormous growth.

A lot of interesting information (in Dutch) and pictures can be found on Julianadorp, the pearl of the top (of Noord-Holland). Julianadorp deserves to be called a pearl because in 2012 it was called 'best Dutch holidaydestination'.
At the same time Baltic Sea town Binz (Germany) and Venice (Italy) were named holidaytowns by the visitors of the online-holidayhomesmarket Atraveo.
The website, which has listed about two hundred thousand holidayhomes and apartments in Europe and worldwide, asked thousands of visitors to give their opinion.

Holidaymakers appreciated Julianadorp for its wide beaches and high dunes but also for being so typically Dutch. 'The tulipfields are a delicious sight', according to one visitor.
On a scale from one to five Julianadorp achieved 4.5. They received their Atrave award at the tourism fair in Essen.