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the guestrooms  The guest rooms.

sign * The 1st guest room,
* The 2nd guest room,
* The bathroom,
* Breakfast.

The 1st guest room    

guestroom, a double bed guestroom, twin bedded

The guest room is situated on the first floor. You can book the room as a double bedded room or a twin bedded room. Next to the beds are a clock radio and touch-lamps. There is a tv set in the room, manuals can be found in a drawer.

sitting corner

In the sitting corner you can make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup and you'll find a few tidbits.


We hope your stay with us will be a pleasant one and that you will leave a message in our guestbook on the table or on our website.


On the shelf you will find a radio, books and leaflets of the area, events and restaurants.

The 2nd guest room    

guestroom, raised bed guestroom, raised bed

The 2nd guest room is also situated on the first floor. On the first picture you can see a view from the 1st guest room to the 2nd guestroom.
guestroom, raised bed

In this room we have put a solid raised bed. Next to the bed is an alarmclock with time projection so that the person sleeping in the upper bed can also see what time it is.

guestroom, wardrobe

In this room you will find a wardrobe in which you can put your clothes and hang your coats. This wardrobe can be used by guests from both rooms (because the 2nd room can only be booked together with the 1st room. We do not want you to have to share the bathroom with someone you do not know).

On the shelf you will find some children's book, comic books and games. Next to the wardrobe are the computer, tv set and radio and a table for your laptop.

guestroom, computercorner

We have set up a small computerspace where you can go on the internet as much as would like. The computer itself is situated next to the wardrobe to provide you with a bit more legroom.

guestroom, wardrobe

Our 2nd guest room is very suited for children but grown-ups will also find it a good place to sleep.

The bathroom    


Across the landing is your own private bathroom.


The bathroom is fitted with a shower, a washbasin with mirror and shaving mirror and the toilet.


You will find clean fresh towels and a hairdryer.


You can use the small refrigerator to keep refreshments cool and use the ventilator to cool the bedroom.

More pictures of the bathroom can be found on the page "pictures" in the menu
(slideshow of Langevliet).


breakfast in the kitchen

Breakfast will be served downstairs, in the kitchen-breakfast room with a view of the garden.
If the weather is fine you can walk into the garden for a nice breath of fresh sea-air.


You can chose from a continental or vegetarian breakfast.

If you have additional wishes (diabetes, gluten intolerance, etc) we would like
to know about it in advance so we can it into account when preparing breakfast.

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