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Public transport  Public transport.

* Train: Dutch Railways (NS),
* Busservice: Connexxion,
* Ferry to Texel: TESO.

Dutch Railways (NS)    

NS train Den Helder Station is the start en ending point of the railway line to and from Alkmaar. Every 30 minutens an intercity train departs from Den Helder to Nijmegen.
This train will stop at every station between Den Helder and Alkmaar.
The actual travel times can be found on www.ns.nl.
If you like a cycling holiday you can take your bicycle with you on the train. Disembark from/Embark from the train at Den Helder Zuid station. The cycling distance between the station and our B&B is about 4.2 km.

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bus van ConnexxionConnexxion Overal line 30 operates a regular service between Den Helder and Julianadorp.

The van Foreestweg-busstop is closest to our B&B.

The distance between the busstop and our B&B is approximately 320 meter, a 3 minut walk.

At what time the bus will arrive at or leave from that busstop can be found here below. All that is left to do is enter the correct day and time:
* Line 30 Den Helder > Julianadorp
* Line 30 Julianadorp > Den Helder

There is more information to be found on the website of Connexxion Overal , including a clear roadmap of all the buslines in Noord-Holland.

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TESO, Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming    

Veerdienst van TESO Ferry Teso is responsable for the crossing between 't Horntje, on the isle of Texel and Den Helder. The journey means a relaxed start of your trip to the wadden-isle. On the boat are fascilities such as food and drink, several sundecks and information panels in the salons.

Teso operates according to a fixed timetable. On busy days an extra ferry is deployed. Normally the timetabel is as follows:
* Departure from Den Helder, once every hour from 6.30 AM untill 9.30 PM.
The ferry sails on the half hour.
* Departure from Texel, once every hour from 6.00 AM until 9.00 PM.
The ferry sails on the hour.
* On Sundays and holidays the ferry will saill 1 or 2 hours later, depending on the season.

Additional information can be found on the website of TESO.

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