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B&B 'Four Seasons'  B&B 'Four Seasons'

Welcome to the website of Bed & Breakfast 'Four Seasons'.

vooraanzicht van ons huis We have had a number of Dutch, Belgian, German and even Australian and American guests but unfortunately only a few British guests. Being long-time Anglophiles we would love to welcome people from the beautiful UK.

Our house is situated in a rural area on the edge of the village of Julianadorp. This means that we have an unspoiled view across the fields where the bulbs grow and flower but also that shops, beach or events are in close vicinity.

Our B&B opened on May 1st 2008, a fine moment to do so because the bulbfields around us were beautiful at that time.
But springtime is not the only good time to spend time in Julianadorp. During the summer our fine beaches are a great place to spend the day and they are on cycling-distance of our house.

Since then the guest room has been renovated and restyled. Now the room is larger and has a splendid panoramic view overlooking the bulbfields with the dunes in the distance.

A second room has been set up as breakfast room where you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning.
The room can also be used for recreational of business purposes.

Would you like to see for yourself how beautiful our area is and book our room for a few nights? Then please send us an email to find out if the room is available.

The website was created to provide you with the necessary information and give you an impression of the possibilities that our area has to offer.
Please take a moment to browse through the pages and in case you feel that we left something out, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to receive additional information, please write to us using the email button.

Perhaps we can welcome you this year....?

Ronald & Nolly
B&B 'Four Seasons'

2008 ae nijenhuis