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Information about B&B 'Four Seasons'  Information about B&B 'Four Seasons'

* General information,
* Rates,
* Route description.

General information    

* Address: B&B 'Four Seasons', Langevliet 26, 1787 BD Julianadorp gem.Den Helder, the Netherlands; Telephone number: +31 649 271 371;
Website: http://langevliet.nl; Email: info@langevliet.nl of boekingen@langevliet.nl

* Our cottage is situated in the middle of three houses. The cottage may look tiny but many people have uttered their surprise when the real size of the house became visible.
Our B&B room is very suitable for people who want to unwind for a few days, people who would like to be on the beach early, senior citizens, business(wo)men, people who prefer peace and quiet, people who missed the last ferry to Texel or want to be on the first ferry the next day, people who want to wake up with the smell of hyacinths or the view across the tulipfields, nature photographers, people who got stranded, etc etc.

* Shopping centre 'Loopuytpark' and shopping centre 'De Riepel' are at walking distance. Here you will find several shops, a bank and a sub post office. A little more to the south is the other shopping centre of Julianadorp, shopping centre 'Dorper Weert'.


* The following rates for bed & breakfast include breakfast; private bathroom with toilet, washbasin and shower; clean sheets, duvet en pillows; towels; cleaning of the rooms and tourist tax (in 2018: 2,27 pppn):

* RATES 2018; 1 or 2 persons
* We offer reduced rates for children.

During your stay with us you will have your own set of keys. Please keep in mind that we will ask you to pay 50,00 as security money for this set of keys. This is also the case if you stay with us for just one night. When the keys are returned and nothing seems to have been broken we will return the money at your departure.

* You can book the room by email of by telephone. We prefer an email because we will be able to send you a confirmation of your booking.
To check availability please click AVAILABILITY. Green means that this night is still available.
Cancelations are only accepted when in writing.

* You are supposed to pay the unpaid amount in cash upfront, on the day of arrival. Unfortunately we can not offer accommodation for which we have to send you an invoice and get paid later.

* Identification is required before we can check you in (driving licence, passport or ID card).

* The guestrooms can not be booked seperately. This way you will not have to share the bathroom with complete strangers. Of course there is no problem if the 4 guests know each other (parents with children, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc).

* The 1st guest room has facilities to make coffee/tea/hot chocolate/soup; china and cutlery; radio alarm (clock); tv set. You can also connect to the internet by wireless connection or by powerplug or use the computer in the other guest room
The 2nd guest room has a radio, tv set; alarm clock and computer space. There is also a wardrobe in which you can put your clothes.
If you would like to watch a film you can choose from a wide range of DVDs that we collected and have the use of a DVDplayer.

leaflets * On the landing you will find a rack with leaflets and brochures about our area, events and Texel.

* The rooms are fitted with central heating. On warm days you can use the ventilator, which you will find in the bathroom.

* In the bathroom you will find a small refrigerator to keep drinks, medicins etc cool and there is a hair drier.
* It is not allowed to smoke indoors.non smoking

* The guest rooms are suitable for up to 2 people each. We can turn the 1st guest room into a double-bedded room or a twin-bedded room, the choice is yours. When you book the room, please let us know which option you prefer. The 2nd guest room is fitted with a solid raised bed.
The beds are made up with clean sheets, pillows, duvets with clean cover and a quilt.

* The guest rooms are situated on the first floor. Unfortunately this makes the rooms unsuitable for people with disabilities.

* Pets are only allowed in consultation. You will have to meet a few criteria:
- the guest rooms and bathroom are situated on the first floor. If your pet won't be able to go up or down the spiral staircase by itself you will have to be able to carry it;
- your pet needs to be clean and must have had a flee, worm and tick-treatment which was given in time and is still working;
- during your stay your pet must not be in season;
- your pet must be well behaved (house-trained, not run at the mouth, gnaw the beds or chairs or irritate the entire neighbourhood by howling or barking all the time, etc);
If you can meet these criteria your pet is also very welcome to stay with us. We have a water/food bowl which is adjustable in height and a dog bed available.
Please ask about the possibilities and additional costs.


bicycle shed * We can store up to 3-4 bicycles, please let us know when booking so that we can clear the space for you.

* There is a limit to the number of parking spaces but there will always be a free public parking space available. As soon as the new shoppingcentre is finished we will have a large car park at walking distance.

tent * Would you like to spend a day at the beach? In that case you can borrow our beach tent.

* We are an animal-friendly B&B. So it is no problem if you would like a vegetarian breakfast. Please let us know in advance.

* Your breakfast may include for instance fresh bread and/or cornflakes, crackers or biscuit rusk; tea, coffee or milk; freshly squeezed orange juice; sweet or open sandwich; a boiled free-rang egg or scrambled eggs. We will take your wishes or a diet into consideration, so if you are on a diet or if we can please you by putting something on the breakfast table that you particularly like - or even dislike- please let us know when booking our B&B.

* Breakfast will be served downstairs, in the kitchen-breakfast room at the agreed time. It is partly self-service.

* When you book our B&B we will need the following information:
Name, address and telephone number (preferably a mobile number), time of arrival, duration of your stay and the number of persons that will stay with us.
When booking our 1st guest room we would like to know if you prefer a double-bedded room or a twin-bedded room.
If circumstances force you to cancel your booking, please inform us as soon as possible.
Check-in is possible from 16.00 - 21.00 hours; check-out is possible until 10.00 hours, unless agreed differently.
If you arrive earlier, it is possible to leave your luggage with us. Please let us know the time of arrival. During special events in Julianadorp or Den Helder we use different check-in and check-out times.

* We speak excellent Dutch, our English is good, our German is reasonable.

* We are assoiciated with: Tourist (Information) Office


Please click the picture to see a large picture.

Following the N9, coming from Alkmaar or Den Helder, leave the N9 at junction "Julianadorp". Follow the Schoolweg.
Leave the roundabout on the 1st exit (continue Schoolweg). This is the shortest route but you will come across several speed ramps and road narrowings. If you follow the Schoolweg you will pass shops like Lidl and Aldi, the buildingsite of the new shopping mall and the Loopuytpark. Turn right at the end of the Schoolweg. This is the Langevliet. Pass the petrol station. Then you will see a town map on the left side of the road. Our B&B is right behind it...the red dot on the map.

There is an alternative route: Leave the roundabout at the 2nd exit (Zuiderhaaks). You will drive by the Junior College. Leave the next roundabout at the 1st exit (Langevliet). Follow the Langevliet until you pass the petrol station and see the town map on the left side of the road. Our B&B is right behind it...the red dot on the map.

In case you use a navigation system, please enter the following adres: Langevliet 48. It will bring you to our frontdoor.
It seems like someone made a mistake while scanning the adresses for navigation purposes, because number 26 is situated somewhere in the middle of the bulbfields ;-)

Coming from Den Helder (towncentre), follow the Nieuwweg. After a crossing the Nieuwweg becomes Langevliet. Drive on until you reach the sign of the urban area of 'Julianadorp'. Our B&B is situated on the right side of the road, a few meters after a speed ramp, as you can see in this picture.

Langevliet 26 coming from Den Helder